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  Climate Change

Planning advice

We have provided copies of all the relevant planning advice available from the various governmental organisations, which you may find useful if you are just beginning a project: www.orkneywind.co.uk/advice.  You can also find a copy of the UK's Renewable Energy Strategy at this site.

There is a wind turbine noise spreadsheet available to allow an initial assessment of the sound levels upon neighbours, Turbine sound.  In addition we have provided some independent information on climate change, covering the science behind the research; you will find that some people insist that man cannot possibly change the global climate, and that global warming is a myth, so hopefully this information will help dismiss these arguements.  

These resources are funded through honesty.  Community groups and non-profit making organisations are welcome to use the noise spreadsheet and to download any document for free under a creative commons licence, however commercial and educational organisations should consider a contributing a donation.  All payments will assist and maintain the on-going work of the company and will help establish a significant online resource. 




Climate Change

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